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About the Doctor

Our mission is to deliver the best quality health care, ensuring a treatment plan as an individual and as a whole for each patient.

Renewal House Calls: Your Provider of Hands-On In-Home Medical Care

Doctor’s Biography

Doctor Nana Mimura, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing for over twenty years with a focus on the geriatric population. She did her Residency in Internal Medicine at Wayne State University and went through Medical School at São Paulo University School of Medicine.

Her love and compassion lead her to work with the geriatric population  in both outpatient as well as inpatient setting  in Warren, Michigan for over fifteen years. She also participated in research for experimental therapies for Dementia with Alzheimer’s. 

She has relocated to Naples FL ,and in the last seven years has been dedicated to caring for the elderly in long-term and assisted living facilities.

She has community affiliation with the major hospitals in the area, and will make sure that the patients will receive continuity of care whether they are hospitalized or go to rehab after surgery.

In addition to conventional Medicine, Doctor Mimura has also completed her Fellowship in Integrative Medicine. She is able to combine conventional therapies as well as offer a natural approach to disease processes.  

Professional Awards:

  • 2013 Patient choice Award by Vitals
  • 2014 Patient choice Award by Vitals
  • 2014Compassionate doctor Award by Vitals

Besides her career, doctor Mimura is an avid Boater and also enjoys cultivating her butterfly garden and her two Doodles.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver the best  quality health care, ensuring a treatment plan as an individual and as a whole for each patient. We treat each client as unique and special with a plan of care that is specific to their needs, requirements, and lifestyle. We also emphasize continuity of care, making sure that each patient will be followed up, whether at the hospital or at rehab after surgery, until they go home, ensuring their transition is successful.

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